Colorado Wedding Video

Sarah + John

The Story

Sarah and John’s weddings was one of our favorites that we have captured. Not only is Vail a beautiful place in the summer, but a serious of unexpected circumstances lead to some truly amazing images.
Throughout the day severe weather threatened their ceremony and reception. The plan was to have the ceremony on top of the mountain, and the reception was just a short walk away. Colorado’s weather can be unpredictable and as the ceremony drew closer it looked like the severe weather would pass.
After the first look the wedding party, the photographer and us headed to the gondola to take some pre ceremony photos on the mountain. Right as we were about to ride the gondola, lightening began striking on the mountain. All gondola rides were halted.
Sarah and John were understandably worried. But it did allow us to capture some great shots in a nearby river and a tunnel in the Vail shopping area. After about 45 minutes the weather cleared just enough so we could all ride to the ceremony.
The backdrop was one of the most beautiful we had ever seen. The ceremony went off with out any further issues. After the ceremony we captured our favorite shots we have ever captured with Sarah and John on the mountain top.
As we proceeded the reception severe weather struck once again. No one worried as the rest of the wedding was all indoors. After the first dances, tea party and dinner we saw a lot of guests looking out the window. As we went to investigate we saw a double rainbow!
We al rushed outside to capture some shots as there is no way to tell how long the rainbows would remain. What we captured was some amazing shots and some perfect sunset photos.
Even though Sarah was a bit apprehensive about having a videographer, after she watched her videos she was happy she hired us.




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