Colorado Wedding Video

Colorado Based Videographer

Jason Graisa

I started creating videos in 2010 with no prior experience. I bought a camera and some lights and just learned as I went. After a few years creating videos with my friends I began to get inquiries from local businesses for videos. It was all word of mouth from people I met in the industry but those first videos really help me get a foot in the video production world.

Shortly after that I started 4th Kind Entertainment. A one stop shop for videos of all kinds. Short films, music videos, commercials we do it all.

In 2015 I began getting friends and friends of friends asking me to film their weddings. I was weary as I knew some photographers who said it was some of the toughest work to do. I decided to give it a try and really enjoyed it.

Not only are the experiences and and locations amazing and different each time, but you are creating a video that is much more personal than a product video.

After a few years of filming weddings on the side and working for some other wedding video companies as a freelancer, I decided to breakout on my own and put a major focus on wedding videos.

I’ve filmed over 100 weddings as of 2020 and I have edited over 30! I love creating videos that make couples smile when I send them their highlight video.