Not too long ago it wasn’t as common to hire a videographer for your wedding. Most couples simply didn’t see a need for it and usually just had a friend or family member who owned a video camera set it up and let it roll. The results weren’t pretty but at least you had a video to watch in your VHS whenever you wanted.

It’s not like wedding videographers simply didn’t exist, but the cost of camera and editing equipment meant you either got something slightly better than your uncle Fred’s camcorder or it was just too expensive for most couples to afford.

Luckily all the reasons to not hire a wedding videographer are no longer true. Here are the top 4 reasons we think hiring one isn’t just a good idea, but a must.



The DSLR revolution ushered in a new era of videographers and filmmakers. Finally, the cost of buying equipment didn’t require selling an organ. Although getting a good camera and editing kit is still costly, it’s no where near what it was even just 10 years ago.

This means videographers could pass the savings on to their clients. No longer was hiring someone to capture your wedding expensive. Adding video to your wedding is simply an answer if you want a video of your wedding day or not.

The average price of a wedding in 2019 was $33k, and the average price of a Colorado wedding is close to that amount but can be a bit higher. For most people that’s an expensive amount and hiring a wedding planner, a venue, vendors, photographer and more can really add up. As photography as remained the pillar of wedding memories, and for good reason, it can also be more expensive then video.

The average price to hire a Colorado wedding videographer for a full day of 8 hours and editing of 3-5-minute highlight film and a ceremony is only $2500. For most weddings that is much less expensive then photos, and the bonus is you get to experience the candid moments of your big day.

Relive Your Wedding Day

Let’s be honest here. Weddings can be stressful and for a lot of couples its whirlwind day filled with lots of emotion. There are so many amazing moments packed into one day, and we can tell you as videographers there are a host of other moments that couples don’t even get to experience from their guests.

We don’t discount the power of photos. We believe every wedding needs a good photographer to capture a single moment in time. If your budget only allows for either a photographer or videographer, always choose the photographer. But if you can afford both, video will always compliment your photos and in some ways even enhance them.

Most photos couples and family members are posed with some candid moments thrown in here and there. Video captures the little moments and gives a greater context to them. More often then not there are moments you don’t remember because of all the emotions of the day! Video helps you relive those moments anytime you want. For example, you may not have known how emotional a parent is during your vows, how a good friend got crazy on the dance floor or just how beautiful your venue and all the details were!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but video is worth a million.

Share Your Wedding Day

Not everyone can make it to your wedding. Maybe the cost of travel is too much, you don’t have the budget for a large guest count, or a friend or family member may be too ill to travel.

Of course, you can’t invite everyone. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to share your wedding day with them in some way? Here are a few examples of how a wedding video can help.

One of our brides Saige Brown was extremely close with her grandmother. Both of her parents tragically died when she was young, and her grandmother raised her. When Saige set her date there was no doubt her grandmother would be there to share her big day. Unfortunately, about 2 months prior to her wedding day her grandmother became very ill. Her doctors advised her not to travel.

Saige hired us not just for herself and her husband, but also so her grandmother could watch the video and feel as if she was there. After Saige and her grandmother watched the videos, they both were very appreciative of all the work we did.

With a highlight or even a short wedding video clip you can share on social media and show friends at work or anyone else what your wedding day was really like!

You Are in Control

With all forms of media and especially video production being digital you have much more control on your final wedding video. This is something that just wasn’t possible in the past unless you had a huge budget.

First off you can choose the right Denver wedding videographer for your wedding. Browsing their clips, reading more about them and getting more information about them is as easy as a few clicks. Finding quality and affordability has never been easier.

Once you hire your wedding videographer you also have the choice of style. It’s easy to discuss what you want the look and feel of your wedding to be. All you need to do is show them a wedding video or videos you want to emulate. You can discuss the important shots and what kind of focus you want for your video. You can even choose multiple videos from just one day of filming!

Lastly, making changes to your video after it’s filmed is easy. You can’t add something that isn’t captured so make sure you communicate with your videographer beforehand. But you can ask to add, remove or change the clips and length. Most videographer have access to thousands of songs for you to choose from.

With video being a stress free, easy and affordable process it’s more of a reason of why you wouldn’t want a wedding videographer. Contact us to learn more about what we do and our pricing options.