With so many photographers around, fashionable couples are now opting for something slightly different – stunning wedding videography. Alongside your scrapbook, a short film is the most authentic record of the greatest event of your life, and a testimony of how your love story came to be. Now, you can hire a fashion videographer for an even more fashionable flick.

So, whether you’re looking for something refreshingly unique or something classy and traditional, employing a professional will certainly pay off. Here’s what to expect.

A Full Package for One Price

In case you can’t make up your mind between a full gallery of gorgeous wedding photos and a single motion picture that will document your entire day, we’ve got a pleasant surprise for you. As today’s wedding services grow more advanced and varied with each year, professional videographers now offer the best of both worlds.

This means that you’ll get a photographer and videographer for the price of one, but not only that. Since experienced in both, fashion videographers are simply the best choice for capturing the glam and glitz of your ceremony. Though some are equipped with editing skills as well, you’ll probably want to consider outsourcing this part to professional video editing services.

Advanced Equipment

Fashion videographers work with the same equipment as all other event videographers, but they know exactly how to use it for a highly stylized effect. You’ll want your video to catch tiny, significant details and the bigger picture like, which is why fashion expertise and state-of-the-art gear need to come hand in hand.

Of course, you can film the ceremony yourself, but then you’re risking that unedited, amateur-like result that you wouldn’t want to show to anyone but your close ones. Compare that to a reception filmed with a drone! Leading fashion videographers use this and many other types of technology to deliver a striking cinematic effect.

Thinking Outside of the Box

Also, fashion videographers are highly creative. Soon to be wedded couples have started the search for new, innovative ways of commemorating their special day, which certainly asks for ingenuity and imagination. Fortunately for you, that’s something that a good fashion videographer is never in shortage of.

If you want to think outside the box, such a professional can give you advice on picturesque decoration, attire, makeup, and hairstyles. Attending rehearsals and consulting with the bride and groom is a mandatory part of their job, during which they can tell you how to make your ceremony even more glamorous in pictures, video or otherwise.

Attention to Detail

In case your “something old” is an antique filigree pin with immense sentimental value for your family and yourself, it should definitely be included in the video. Whether it comes to jewelry with intricate ornamental work or a gown fabric that’s woven with delicate lace, nobody knows how to capture it better than a fashion videographer.

After all, attention to detail is their strongest suit. Just remember how those beautiful Fashion TV films portray the endlessly elaborate, yet microscopic process of jewelry making or leather engraving! Styling these details, filming their glint as you move, and making them a centerpiece of your video story is what fashion videographers are all about.

Cinematic Montage

Finally, this leads us to the bigger picture. A wedding is only as fashionable as its details are carefully picked and immaculately assembled. Selection and composition of these elements are the most important part of throwing a splendidly looking party, just as montage is the most important part of the exquisite wedding video.

Once again, you can make sure to find a fashion videographer who knows how to edit your film, but you also consider to seal a separate deal with an experienced wedding video editing service. If you want a truly spectacular, professionally-looking flick, the second option is worth every penny.

Choosing a skillful and talented videographer is one of the biggest challenges of your wedding planning venture, so don’t take it too lightly. If you pick one from the fashion industry, however, you can be certain that your special day will be captured in the most filmic, most stylish way you can imagine.