Colorado Wedding Video

Mckenna + Justin

The Story

When most people think of Vail they see images of skiing, celebrities and lots of snow! They wouldn’t be wrong, Vail is those things, but it’s also so much more.
Vail in the summer is often overlooked but those that have experienced it, never forget. The views, the temperature, the shops and of course the weddings! Vail is one of the top places to get married in Colorado.
Mckenna and Justin knew they wanted to get married in Vail they day after Justin proposed. The couple just didn’t want to get married in Vail, they wanted to get married on a  mountain top in Vail!
All of their family and friends came out for an entire week of vacationing and celebrating the couple. And when the wedding day arrived I was lucky enough to have one of the most laid back couples I’ve met. Even though I was alone for the shoot I was able to capture BOTH of them getting ready as well as some extra time on top of the mountain top.
Their willingness to allow me a bit of extra time, gave the highlight video some  additional great shots and create a wonderful 90 second Instagram clip they could share.